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Gabriel Odin - Materia Prima EP

(Original Mixes)

Label: Glamour Punk

Promo Date: 17th April 2019

Release Date: 17th April 2019

We proudly welcome Colombian DJ & producer Gabriel Odin to the global Glamour Punk family, presenting his Materia Prima EP - two house driven compositions inspired by the landscape and musicality of his beautiful home country, and named after two of its rivers.

Ariari evokes the incredible sounds of the tropical savanna, colloquially known as The Eastern Plains (Llanos Orientales), using the most emblematic instrument of that area's folklore: the harp. Gabriel supplies two mixes, with the Ethnic mix bringing the arpa even further to the fore.

Sinú encapsulates the raw sound of Porro, a musical style and dance genre from Colombia and the Caribbean, while imbuing it with a modern dancefloor sensibility. Spot the sound of the "bombardino" - this is a brass instrument from the euphonium family, an integral part of the popular carnival celebrations in Colombia.

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